Friday, December 28, 2012


Some people think they are way better than others just because they mention God in their status update. To show others they have the right to criticize others because they are more religious. While in fact, these people are the most rotten people with blackened hearts, always thinking of ways to bring others down so that they can escape from their work and pile those works that were originally their responsibilities to begin with.

I really hate these kinds of fakers. That's why I was always alone back in my first and even now during my second degree. I can't stand fakers who pretend to be nice in front of you but sneer at you behind your back. These people who beg for sympathy from others and got it since they're are experts at making others feel sorry for them. If something got screwed up, it's not their faults. Somebody would get the blame. They are purist that can do no wrong. Because they're saints, protected from God to do any wrong.

Sometimes because of their accusations, other people suffer the consequences. People lose their contract. People have to suffer your burden. People have to do your work because you're stuck up in your fantasy world.

I fuckin hate fakers. People who appear sweet but maggoty inside. Pretentious little bitch with heart made of stone. You can never fool me with your goody two shoes attitude because deep down inside you're a bitch and always be one. No amount of acting and fakeness can cover up who you really are. Keep on lying to yourself and to others. One moment in your life when you've nothing left to fight for, you'll regret all those niceties you put up with just to be plastic. And seriously, don't take God's name in vain if you continue to lie and deceive people of who you truly are.

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