Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dirty Business

I've never been a fan of politics. And as far as I may concerned, politicians are gamers and those who sacrificed their principles to support crooked politicians are ass-kisser. However, when I read today's Utusan Mingguan, specifically an interview with an ex-lifelong member of Pas, C.N. Al-Afghani about how the so called ulama in Pas acted like God and deemed other people who supported UMNO as apostles, I think that I need to say something about this.

When I were kids, I just listened to my parents blabbering about how we could not go to town every Friday because the streets would be littered with supporters of these ulamas who organized street talk and asked for money from the people who passionately and religiously came to each and every one of these public speeches. Then, we I got to college, one of my lecturers told us that her father in law travelled all the way from JB to KN just to listen to those public speeches. My thoughts were what prompted these people to make such sacrifices just to listen to a guy who spews negative remarks about the ruling government and asked money from them?

Then, I read today's paper and from the interviewee's experience being in Pas, where he had severed family ties with his father and brother just because they supported the ruling government is absolutely ridiculous. Others had their solemnizations twice because the first solemnization was carried out by UMNO's imam. They also threw the beef from Qurban done by UMNO's supporters because apparently they could not eat Kafir's food. And the old age dilemma, there are two groups of people for Friday prayer, a group for UMNO and another for Pas.

Seriously, if you are so religious, then why are you easily swayed by words, mere words by a man who looks just like you? If he tells you to jump off a cliff, would you?

The funny thing is, when the ruling government gave all sorts of financial aids, for instance BR1M (RM500 for every Malaysian with monthly income below RM3000), RM100 for every kids who go to school in Malaysia (if you have 10 kids, you'll get 1k) and ongoing benefits for government servants, people who support Pas would be the first in the line queuing up to these haram financial aids from the ruling government whom they despised so much. They likened the supporting government to Firaun. But, let's be real for a minute, if the ruling government is indeed descendants of Pharaoh, you wouldn't even be alive now. You would be killed mercilessly for going against the ruling government. However, the opposite happens. You can live comfortably, your kids can go to school and they are given free textbooks and only need to pay small amount of money which will be used for activities for the benefits of your kids, you can set up a business without worrying the government will tear your shops down (except if you are living in Selangor or Penang, the opposition rules these two states and they are doing sucky jobs based on the daily complaints on TV) and you can still organize public trashing speeches to call the ruling governments names that are unlikely the characteristics of an ulama.

Maybe people would disagree with me and say that I'm too green to be talking about politics. But seriously, this is my country and I'm a government servant and I hate to imagine what would happen if the opposition took over. Maybe I'll be migrating to another country for a better life.

Although the government that we are having now isn't perfect, but how would you know if the opposition took over, things would change for the better. Now, they rule 5 states and look at what has been happening to those states. People's lands are taken without their consent. Natural reserves are used for illegal logging. And those promises before they won the election are forgotten like dust in the wind.

I also believe that you don't the hands that feed you. I went to government school, was a government scholar and now work as government servant. So, yeah it'll be stupid for me not to support the government. It'll be stupid for me to fight over a Facebook comment made by my juniors who clearly supported Pas when he questioned my religious belief (how much I go to the mosque, how many times I recite the Quran). All because he was defending this newly hijab female artist who acts like she knows it all but questioning other artists' motive of going to Gaza and by saying that there is no use going to Gaza if when they came back to Malaysia, they would still be supporting Pas. How stupid is that statement? Why would you relate everything to politics?

And the last straw that made me write this post is when a relative of mine came to our house last week and talked to my mom. And then my mom told me that now Pas has this out of this world strategy to influence to embrace their belief by literally giving keys to heaven. This key would be included in the coffin so that when the angel of death comes to question the deceased, he or she would automatically enters heaven with the key. WTF?

Also, my neighbor is an avid fan of Pas but when the government gave financial aids according to singles with monthly income less than RM2000, his two unemployed kids where the first to fill up the application form. How moronic is that?

And of course, the amount of 'development' done in Kelantan by Pas is almost non-existent. The conditions of the road suck ass and at night, it feels like living in a cave, except for one place, Pulau Melaka, where the ulama mentioned above resides. And the area at my house has been flooding for more than 50 years since foster grandmother lived there and now my family continue living here, but not once the state government or the Pas representative came to help us or give us financial aids for the damage that we suffer every year.

So, there you have it. I don't blame people who support the opposition because they are so ingrained with the belief that if they support other parties except for Pas, they'll go to hell. Maybe out of fear or anxiety, they continue to support the party that only takes from them but never reward them with nothing. But as for me, the ones who continue to support my daily life will be the ones that I support. As simple as that.

P/S: This is just my two cents worth of opinion. Don't go ape-shit over it just because we've different brains and therefore, construct different opinions about the same thing.

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