Friday, December 21, 2012

Average PSY

I think now we've to change the saying 'like an average Joe' to 'average PSY' because this funny looking guy from South Korea made YouTube history when his video hit 1 billion views yesterday.

He's not handsome or weird looking like some KPop artists. Although he dress smart but overall his image is highly unlikely a reflection of his profession as an artist. He doesn't look glamorous. He doesn't look well-plastic surgeried (if there's such a term because I read somewhere South Korea is one of the booming nations which conduct plastic surgery). He looks like, well, an average Joe.

What is it with his horse-riding dance that garnered so many views and captured the attention of people from all walks of life? Why does other slim, girls or good looking boy bands or handsome solo singers of KPop could not match Psy's success?

Maybe it is because he's not afraid to look stupid and make a fool of himself and when he's performing, he looks confident and genuinely having fun. And from his interviews, he looks like he really cares about his fans, as you can see here

He said his concert lasted 3 hours on average, and by 2 1/2 hours, his legs went numb. So, he hid behind an enormous DJ table and behind the table were people who used acupuncture needles to get the clotting blood out of his feet. Damn! The price he paid for entertaining people!

Some people might say the dance is stupid or Psy is just an idiot for doing that funny dance. But, seriously those people should just swallow a knife and die. And what annoys me, none of the Hollywood gossip blogs reported Psy's 1 billion views but they were quick to report an incident that happened years ago when Psy rapped insults about American soldiers who killed and raped two Korean girls. That song which he rapped about was not even his to begin with, so their argument is invalid. And later, they was an incident of a guy in UK who literally died from dancing Gangnam Style. Boy they were quick to write about negative publicity concerning Psy but when it comes to his successes, they pretend not to know about it.

Hollywood is such a bitchy place, filled with bitches running it.

As for Psy, although I've never been fond of anything Korean (my brother is the Korean fanatic, he loves Ramen, learned how to speak Korean by himself and have huge collection of Korean movies and downloads) but my ears and my eyes caught the Gangnam Style fever too. And may Psy stand tall among other international artists, and I'll be waiting for his international album in March. I just adore artists who aren't fakers and who create their own sounds. Doesn't really matter from which country he is from because music is universal as evidently put by the person clicking the Gangnam Style video for the 1 billionth time, who may or may not speak any Korean at all and only sings out loud "Hey, sexy lady!!" like the rest of us.

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