Wednesday, December 19, 2012


It is not enough to have a first class degree, you need to know every recipes to cook and served to your husband and your in-laws.

It is not enough to be able to fend for yourself, being independent and having your own life, you have to be subservient and pretend to be interested in the daily mundane happenings of the world.

It is not enough to be be healthy and not be a burden to other people, you have to be stick thin and able to wear elastic jeans coming up to your hip bone, and barely cover your butt-crack.

All in the search of a perfect woman. Who must be beautiful, with a clear skin, without any impurities, not even a single black head on the surface of the skin. She must be thin, a guy should be able to wrap both of her hands around her waist. She must have thick licks of bouncy and shiny hair, which she casually wrap around her fingers playfully. Perky breasts and ample ass with long and smooth legs. She will giggle at every one of your jokes. Never call you when you're late for a date. Never misjudged you when you go out win another girl. Or when you have a picture with another woman in your Facebook or comment on another woman's picture. She knows your favorite songs and can recall lines from your favorite movies.

I guess I'm never getting laid. And my fuck buddy is my books. As you can see I've multiple partners. And we fuck in different positions every day.

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