Saturday, December 29, 2012

Noor Shahmira 861217295300

So this is the bitch who smashed into my car last Ramadhan, in front of the KB mosque, opposite Khalifa Suites.

The accident happened at night when my bro was driving and suddenly we felt a jolt at the back of the car. It turned out this bitch in this white Viva forgot where the brake was and smashed my car's rear.

My suspicion was she was busy operating her hand phone when the accident happened. But she created this whole tale where she was avoiding a motorcyclist and couldn't brake on time. But both my bro and I didn't see any motorcyclist when the accident happened.

At that time, she rendered this tale of having no money and promised to pay when she got her salary, after the Raya. I waited for 2 months after Raya then I SMS her asking what's up with her promise. She didn't reply at all. Then I waited another month then I called her. She didn't pick up but then she SMS me saying she's in KL for a bullshit course. And she would pay the compensation next month. Then, next month came and went by but nothing happened. Then, on my way back from school, I went through Taman Tunku Anis and saw her car. Since I didn't have the energy to confront her, I didn't stop by but just SMS her instead. She made another promise to pay within a week. But as usual, nothing happened.

Then, this afternoon I came upon her car unintentionally. I followed her car and then she stopped. I stopped too. She looked like she's getting out of the car but then changed her mind and stayed inside the car. I waited for another 5 minutes. If I was driving my dad's Volvo, I would've rammed her car now and them. Give her a taste of her own medicine. But again, I believed that her harebrained existence is such a waste for my less than two days left holiday. So, when she started moving again, I just let her go and decided not to follow her.

If you guys found this car, ram it.
Ram it good if you're driving a big car.
Then, make a promise to pay for the damage and then never keep the promise.


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