Thursday, August 19, 2010


Why are we here?

We question our existence.

Are put here to destroy every single thing that has been here before us?

Or are we here to remedy what has been destroyed by the existence before us.

We are the very existence that controls the things around here.

We are the bad ass around here.

Everybody bow down to us.

So much so we feel we are bigger than others.

While in fact, we are just a speck of dust on the angel wings.

We are just a small microbe in the wide open sea.

We are just a tiny dot up in the big blue sky.

Have we forgotten where we belong?

Helpless and begging for mercy.

We never think we needed any help.

Because we are able-bodied.

We look down on others.

Because they don’t quite match up to our standards.

Who are they to tell us we were wrong?

Nobody dares.
Nobody tries.

Because we are the king of the world.

We are better than others.
We trample others who don’t conform to us.
We are the best nation in the world.

So much so,
That we couldn’t differentiate attacking from defending.
We fight terror with terror.

We make them scare.
We pour their blood on our land.
We inflict pain and fear to demand soil.

Soil that we claimed ours.
Even when we were just stopping by.
But we draw the imaginary lines.
The lines that we claimed legit.
We make our own rules.

We bend it to our importance.
The nations cannot touch us.
Because we are invicible.

The world is ours.
Wait for our insurrection.
You’ll see.

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