Monday, August 9, 2010


Everytime you pick on somebody,
Her self-esteem wavers,
When you make fun of her cleft palate,
Or her dark skin,
Or her stuttering speech,
She slowly dies inside.

Everytime you pick on somebody,
His pride vanishes,
When you taunt him about his disability,
Or his limp walk,
Or his awkward stance,
He slowly rages inside.

One day,
She swallows 45 pills of paracetamol,
Nobody knows why she did it,
Her parents keep asking “Why?”,
They don’t care, no remorse, no guilt.

One day,
He gets hold of a gun,
Nobody expects him to fire all those bullets,
His teachers keep asking “Why?”,
They don’t notice, no intervention, no supervision.

He/she suffers in silence,
Their mouth shut tight for fear of ridicule,
Nobody knows they could do such a thing,
Especially when they smile in every family portrait,
Because even if they did,
Nobody listened, nobody saw, nobody spoke.

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