Thursday, August 19, 2010


Your constant nagging freaked me out.
I felt like getting out and hide under a rock.

Maybe I ought.
But then, who is going to fix me food?
Worm under the rock doesn’t eat rice.
They eat whatever worms eat.

It is not easy being human.
You have to think about a lot of things.
Food, shelter, water, sanitary pads, compact powders, lotion, hand phones, ear phones, laptop, antivirus, wedges, lesson plans, down payments, salary, investment, relationshits, feelings, emotions, logic, reasoning, needs, desires, wants; see, the list never ends.

Maybe I ought to take a time out.
I am living one quarter of normal people usually do, but I am feeling tired already.
Anybody want a time out?

Let’s abandon the ship and be cowards for once.
Let’s run away to La Isla Bonita.
Let’s sinned and never accept redemption.

We know what is good for us but we still want to be bad.
We think but we never turn to our thinking when situations need us to do so.
We feel but we never let emotions rule us in times of despair.
Not even from the creator, we fear our own shadows.

Don’t you want me to stay?
Don’t you want me to pay for my mistakes?
Don’t you want me to play for my team?

Heartbreaks, meltdowns, what doesn’t kill you make you stronger.
What doesn’t make you stronger make you vigilant.
What doesn’t make you vigilant make you suspicious.
What doesn’t make you suspicious make you distrustful.

Shelter me from the rays of hate.
Home me from the fire of vengeance.
Immune me from the waste of remorse.

Temporary protection.
Momentary happiness.
Short-lived joy.
Oh baby, I don’t miss you.

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