Sunday, August 8, 2010


What I want FROM you:

1.To say I look beautiful even though I just vomited today’s breakfast.

2.To say I look okay even though I look like shit because f the stomach cramps I’m having.

3.To say it’s okay to swallow Ibuprofen whenever I couldn’t take it anymore.

4.Tell me the lipstick, the eyeshadow, as well as the eyeliner accentuate my already prominent face.

5.Assure me it’s okay to laugh out loud at a dirty joke.

6.Sleep with me all day when I complain I don’t want to wake up, ever.

7.To think it’s okay if I mix 5 different flavours in a Big Gulp.

8.Understand my musical selection and not think I’m a devil worshipper if I listen to Manson.

9.Ok with me not wearing blouse and skirt, instead not ashamed to walk with me, when I’m wearing jeans and my favourite t-shirt.

10.Think that multi-coloured hair and multiple piercing look hot.

11.Change your phone number to Celcom if I’m using Celcom and put my number in your speed dial.

12.Keep all those soppy messages that I sent to you in my lapse of sanity moments.

13.Think that Mr Teddy is cute and not afraid to show him.

14.My/our picture as your hp’s wallpaper or laptop’s desktop.

15.Save my name in your hp as ‘syg’, ‘baby’, ‘babe’, ‘honeybunch’; whatever you want to call me- provided it is a nice name only.

16.To DEFEND me when anybody (including your family members) talk shit about me.

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