Monday, August 9, 2010


People yell.
People lie.
People kill.

You never think you find out,
Your life is one petty existence,
All those extra miles you took,
All those extra effort you put,
Boils down to nothing,
You don’t reap what you sow,
Somebody else did,
Somebody else with bigger, better lies,
Sweet face to kiss that sweet ass,
Stretching pretence, validating consensus,
Masking corruption, suppressing suspicion,
Nobody is right in your valley of wrong,
Somehow, you rage means to defy,
When your duty is to obey,
You will be the odd one out,
When you say you don’t know,
That means you truly know,
Just so afraid to reveal your intelligence,
People might think you are different,
Because of your indifference,
They are so self-righteous,
You are so self-loathing,
They say you are disconnected,
It just so happens that you truly are,
They think you are so free,
While in fact your life is a cage,
You try to break free every day,
They say you weren’t grateful,
What to do with your petty existence,
You don’t know,
You need Peter Parker and Clark Kent combined,
To fix your broken spirit,
Let’s tear each others' pages in the book,
Let’s walk out of the closed door,
Let’s break out and be stupid enough,
You and I share the same feelings,
You and I die the same way.

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