Sunday, August 8, 2010


What I want IN you:

1.LOYALTY: To me and only me.
P/s: If I’m dead, you can find somebody else. I want you to be happy. I promise I won’t come back as a ghost to haunt you.

2.HONESTY: I’ll tell you everything if you want to know and I hope you can accept me, with or without all those secrets. Tell me yours too, no matter how humiliating.

3.ACCEPTANCE: All my life, I’m never thin, feminine, talkative, friendly and pretty enough. Hope you can live with all the opposite of an ideal woman.

4.CLEAR-HEADED: I’m impulsive and emotional. I need you to calm me down when I’m in one of those moods.

5.RESPONSIBILITY: If we ever had babies, and I’m in one of those moods, one of us would have to look after Ali Imran and Maryam.

6.NON-JUDGEMENTAL: If I decided to pierce another on my lobe, or add another colour, I need you to say “Hey, you look great, honey!”. But if I want too far, do stop me.

7.EQUALITY: I’m not a feminist. But I need you to understand how to treat a lady; never swear at me, never beat me, never belittle me, and never underestimate what I can do.

8.DEVOTION: I need this. Period. Because I will be head over heels for you. I won’t care what others say or think about you. But if you have somebody else, I demand you to tell me as I don’t want to be blinded by fake love and lovely lies, again.

9.ATTENTION: When we’re together, if u do stupid shits despite constant reminders, such as talking to somebody on your hp and ignoring me completely or reading newspaper while in fact you can do that at home when I’m not around or smoke when I couldn’t stand the smell; I would not reply your messages or answer your calls for at least 3 days no matter how much I miss you until you got it in your thick head the things that I hate and you promise not to do them again in the future.

10.LOVE: After you can do all the 9 things above, then you are permitted to love me, in which I will return your feelings and kindness with endless sacrifice and ultimate affection. When you are sick, I shall make chicken soup for you. When you are sad, I shall stay with you and cry with you and hug you until you push me away from you. When nobody believes you, I shall be your biggest fan, and support you and cheer you up and make you stand up on your own two feet and become your awesome self once again.

Believe me, when the whole world think you suck, I cherish you because that’s what I want you to do to me too.

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