Tuesday, August 3, 2010


What I want for the Raya hols:

1.Honda City. Or Persona Elegance in Bronze Garnet. Or else, a gray MyVi Ezi would be just fine.

2.A mighty superb stereo system for my car, to accompany me during my 45 minutes drive to my workplace.

3.A full bank account. Would get my mom a new microwave and a three piece suit. My lil’ bro wants to shop at Topman and Padini; RM 500 enough, bro? And my dad would probably like a new shirt (he got ton of new shirts he never wore).

4.New body. I’m thinking liposuction. What do you guys think of a skinny ass, gentlemen?

5.Tons of new paperbacks. And wrapping paper too.

6.Dictionaries for my 1 G’s students- so they would know what ‘FIRE’ means.

7.7 course Chinese dinner for my whole family.

8.My POGP done. And endorsed by my employer.

9.My hair to be longer. Sorry hair. I cut you off everytime my dumb ass ex did something unimaginably and irreversibly stupid.

10.Complete lesson plans and activities as well as work sheets to help my students who did not even know what ‘son’ means.

11.To bring my 1 G’s students to a horse farm, so that they could really know how Black Beauty looks like.

12.To make them, my precious realize that there are more to life than Honda Wave, Arai helmets and eyeliner ------> God, help me with this T_T

13.Travel to Penang to see baby with my new car, with my mom and my dad as passengers …hehehhe

14.Somebody true, who I can have an intelligent conversation with.

15.Paid for mani-pedi-thai massage-facial combo.

16.Remember all my students’ names- where’s that photographic memory when I need it?

17.A whole new set of scarf to match with my when-am-I-going-to-get-new-kurungs. Mind you the scarves should be with diamonds and stuff.

18.Not to lose my knack for writing- critical appreciation and position papers, blogs and whatnot.

19.I’d like to try SK-II. Should I sacrifice half my salary for it? Pitera or bankruptcy for a month?

20.A good ol’ dose of ZzZzZzZz’s and DVD’s and bloghopping and beloved bubu.

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