Monday, July 20, 2009


Kalau la aku diberi peluang utk memilih memiliki super power, aku akan memilih untuk memiliki kebolehan generate money, any currency. Sebab org ckp dunia skang ni materialistic. Memang betul la kan. Don’t u out there try to deny it because it is damn true.

So kalau la aku memiliki super power itu, first aku akan belikan rumah yg banyak untuk disewakan. Untuk masa depan. Org ckp real estate is a good investment. And then maybe aku akan melabur dlm public mutual atau great eastern. Pun utk masa depan. At least kalau aku mati, aku punyer benefactor iaitu mah family leh menikmati semua tu.

Untuk mama, aku akan belikan barang kemas yg banyak2 utk die. Cuma aku akan advisekan kn die jgn la pakai semua nnt kang menarik perhatian org ramai pulak. Pastu aku akan try utk trace blk family mama yg die tak pernah jumpa. That’s probably the biggest gift ever that I can get her. Lepas tu, aku akan belikan mama blouse yg cantik2, lawa2, bwk die pergi facial, spa, belikan die kerusi urut Osim. Semuanya utk keselesaan die.

Untuk papa, aku akan belikan Volvo 940 utk die. Sbb tu fevered car die dr dulu lg. Die minat motor jugak, especially Harley Davidson, leh mama ngn papa aku merempit pulak, hehe. Pastu aku akan mintak papa takyah la keje PLKN tu, duk je kt umah teman mama. Maybe aku akan bina balapan kt papa aku ni sebab papa suke jogging.

Ameer, satu collection, the newest one that is, of Louis Vuitton bags. Everything from the smallest to the biggest bags that you can ever dream of. And then, a complete facial and spa package (I know you will enjoy this with mama and me,heheh). And of course, a monthly allowance until u started earning yourself because I know you will need those monthly regimens for yourself. And if worst come to worst and you don’t get a scholarship, I will pay for your medicine course so that mama will be glad to call you Dr Ameer.

And for you, I will buy you the Iphone that you have been eyeing for ages. I will buy u a BMW with GPS so we won’t be lost when travelling together again. And I will also buy a superbike so u can take me on a ride. Maybe you and I won’t have to work a government servants, we can quit our jobs, move to Bali so you can watch Sheila on 7 on concert in Indonesia. And of course lah, first we have to get married and go to Mecca together gether because I know that’s what u want. But we have to go with my family, because that’s what they want first.

Huh, I’ve been rambling for almost half a page already??!!!

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