Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am sick and tired. Entah apa yang aku buat sampai aku rasa macam tu pun aku taktau. Banyak sangat berfikir pasal orang lain. Ntah apeape ntah. Waras ke tak seseorang manusia tu aku rasa depends on his or her ability to overlook things. Orang yang boleh mrlihat some injustice depan mata anf overlooked it so that they can sleep at night and wake up every morning without having glimpses of that particular incident. But to a minority of us who cannot overlook such things, we tend to think and think until we cracked our brain and it’s too late when you find in the middle of nothing, tears streamed down your face out of nowhere. Bahaya kalau fikir banyak-banyak, you tend to ponder and question things that you should not think or question about in the first place. So, what should we do? Don’t think at all so that mental institutions can be closed down because no people got insane from thinking too much out of such a trivial matter?

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