Saturday, July 18, 2009


They say the road to love is not a simple one. It is not a one way highway in which you could travel back and forth without complication. There are dangers lurking in every corner, and if you are not aware you will probably get into an accident.

My road to love is definitely challenging. A lot of hurdles and loop holes involved that sometimes make me want to stop by the side of the road and let a tow truck towed my car away. Although I feel like that constantly, but my car is a very tough one, one with a superb engine and a good performace.

I believe that you should not give up when your car breaks down, or when it is making funny noises. If you are have a smooth ride, what if one day your car accidentally breaks down and you don’t know what to do?

My car has been making funny noises now and again. And sometimes, when I drive I miss the signs and ended up being on the wrong crossroads. But no matter how many times I was wrong, I always tried to go back to where I came from and worked my way from there.

Indeeed, love is not an easy feat to do. But believe me, if you have a good driver and even better navigator, even though you might have bumpy rides at times, but eventually you will enjoy the journey together.


  1. they said people who constantly forgetting route to the very same place is not good at navigation. Different people has different learning curve, it's only about time you'll find yours.

    if "car" means determination, whew, you seems like driving a pickup. Built tough. But be careful someday your pickup will break down, it needs maintenance.

    Know your limits girl, if you think you can survive driving on the rough road forever, what's gonna happen on the day that you find out you've reached your limit?

  2. i'll burst maybe. that's common right? ish takut la when u think about it. but would you abandon your battered pick up to get a new Honda City and later found out that your new car is not as good as you expected?