Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Pernah kau bangun satu pagi dan rasa macam tak nak bangun?


  1. not something that I would think of though, there's so much to do in this world. So little time and opportunity.

  2. just curious, what makes you wake up every morning?

  3. my living devotion to myself. I've yet to:

    1 - master japanese
    2 - go Japan
    3 - master at least another language
    4 - take a course that is chosen by me because I want to learn it (philosophy for now)

    because I still have so much to do, I have to wake up.

    its a matter of how you reason your life is I suppose.

  4. think positive, right?
    i hate that phrase so much, really i hate it.

  5. in my case, its not that I'm thinking positively. Its just that I have responsibilities to myself, whether its positive or negative it ain't mattered so much. I just want to do what I want to do.

    until I achieve what I want to do, I owe myself that thing and I'll surely regret my life. Since I live by objectives, that's all that really mattered to me.

    but that is just my way of life, we all have our ways. I could only talk of my way because that is all I could do, no one is the same after all.

    everyone is still learning about themselves, we all do. Indulge it in.

    I think.

  6. some people are fortunate to learn quickly about themselves while others struggle to figure out what they life for. b4 this, i thought i live for study and later for love. but right now, looking at the bleak picture of education and looking at how uncertain life is in the love department, i dont know what im living for anymore. it seems that i always live for someone, not for myself.

    i know we are all Khalifah of Allah and we live for him, but aside for that, im still searching for my own purpose. it good that you gave a strong passion about all things Japanese and u know what u want to do. me? im still searching for one thing that is lost but how do i begin if i dont even know what that one things is?

  7. I can't tell you where to search or what to do but all I can say is that IMO neither you and me have started "living".

    How do you consider someone as "living" if they are not in control / in understanding of themselves?

    even for myself I still have tons of thing to break from, I'm still bounded to many things. I'm still pretty much dead myself.

    well even you yourself said that you're still searching for your own purpose right? Therefore wake up. You can't find it while asleep.

    - this is entirely an opinion, not a fact.